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Massage Therapy:

Mimosa Swedish Massage: A light to medium pressure massage with oil using long, flowing strokes. Great for circulation and relaxation.
30 min.-$35.00 60 min.-$60.00 90 min.–$85.00

Mimosa Deep Tissue Massage: A medium to firm pressure massage with oil using trigger-point therapy and stretching to release muscle spasms. Very helpful for chronic pain due to muscle tension.
30 min.-$45.00 60 min.-$70.00 90 min.-$95.00

Mimosa Sports Massage: Swedish massage using medium to firm pressure. Techniques include stretching, cross-fiber, and flushing out toxins of specific muscle groups. Very helpful for overused and fatigued muscles.
30 min.-$45.00 60 min.-$70.00 90 min.-$95.00

Mimosa Hot Stone Massage: Heated basalt river stones used with oil to massage and warm the body to melt away stress and tension. Great at bringing circulation and relaxation to sore tense muscles.
30 min.-$50.00 60 min.-$75.00 90 min.-$100.00

Mimosa Great Expectations: Our caring and experienced therapists will nurture mother and child into an enhanced state of harmonious balance while soothing away those aches and pains of pregnancy. Special positioning and cushions are used to accommodate baby and increase the comfort and security for mom.
30 min $35.00 60 min $60.00

Mimosa Arnica Fusion Body Balancer: Arnica will be used in conjunction with various massage techniques to soothe muscle aches & restore body wellness.
60 min.- $70.00 90 min.- $100.00

Mimosa Hot Towel Infusion Massage: Hot Towels infused with either a purifying or relaxing blend of essential oils are compressed into muscles after Swedish massage. Great for purifying and relaxing the body, mind and spirit.
60 min.- $70.00 90 min.- $100.00

Mimosa Reflexology: Reflexology involves applying pressure to specific points on the hands and feet that corresponds to other parts of the body. A great stress reliever! Reflexology only sessions are generally 30 minutes, but we can incorporate reflexology into a 60 or 90 minute massage session for $10- more. 30 minutes-$45


Add On’s

Peppermint Foot Treatment: First the feet will receive a Lavender salt scrub, which is a natural antiseptic, can balance hormones and calm the nervous system. Then feet will be wrapped in hot towels infused with peppermint essential oil. Then each foot will be energized with Reflexology and massaged with Peppermint Foot Lotion, which brings circulation to the feet. Next each foot will be dipped in paraffin and wrapped in hot towels for a deep dermal layer hydration and softening. While wrapped in paraffin you will receive a rejuvenating neck, face, and scalp massage with a relaxing blend of Lavender Aromatherapy Oil. This treatment is very relaxing and invigorating for tired, sore feet. This can be done a la cart or added to any massage. $30.00


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